Feeling That The Whole World is Against You?

There are those days, those ugly days, that are pretty much not worth living. It happens from the moment of waking up in the morning. Chance says to lay waste that person and turn everyone he encounters everywhere he goes seemingly against him. One disappointment after another and they begin to have serious consequences. Is this ringing any bell?

Of course it is, such days have happened to everyone, presuming. Wonder why such things can be possible? Let’s analyze. There are three possible explanations why all encounters can become hostile: chance, outside-source intervention or something about yourself that’s very provoking. Chance alone is an ever-present constant. Because of that, it has an effect on its own, as well as a global effect, meaning those three possibilities can partially or fully stack up, once again thanks to chance.

The chances are…

Misfortune is a coincidence rarely followed alone. In order to bring someone down and really label the day as a bad one, it doesn’t just have to be a singular occurrence. It’s been said that how you wake up determines the duration of the day in terms of energy, attention, focus, mood and more. Sage individuals have already figured out ways to control the course of their everyday, thus predicting the existence of days just like that. It does a wonderful job at keeping high spirits. Low self-esteem and little optimism make it that much worse to endure. In fact, that’s all it takes in most occasions.

Let’s assume the keypoints of each day are marked as professional environment, education, personal and social. Normally, one has nothing to do with the other. The four barely ever come in contact with one-another. This makes them so different and unique. According to the understanding of the ordinary person, it takes no less than two of them ruined, in order to sadden the unfortunate one who endures a bad day. Even then, half-day-good / half-day-bad is still within the acceptable perimeter.

Who else?

Some claim such upside-downs to be the work of a third party. Theories are all over. Global events are in mind, such as solar eruptions, full moons, seasons, even the Illuminati. Currently, development of mass dispersion weapons for crowd control is under way. They appear to be the work of the world’s largest governments. Conspirators tend to think such weapons are tested on the mass every now and then, without the agreement of the victims. If that’s possible, there’s a lot more that that governments can pull off.

And you?

Keep in mind, the blame can also be entirely on a personal matter. If that’s true, it would be the only explanation why everyone is provoked and not just separate individuals. Observe carefully. How often is this happening to you. Should the answer be “quite often”, then change your approach towards people. That one is just about the worst of all the options listed above. Immediate attention is required. Make note of these things, because the assent of personnel resource…

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