Fearlessly forging forward in S.A: Texan Jeweler heads to Alamo City

Nina Berenato smiles in her beloved airstream. (Photo, Amanda Lozano)
Nina Berenato smiles as she poses in her airstream shop: Nina Berenato To Go. She officially opened up shop July 5 on 2202 Broadway St. (Photo, Amanda Lozano)

By Amanda Lozano


“Nobody expects a girl to be wielding a hammer. We can wear a dress and wield a hammer at the same time.” – Nina Berenato.

Editor’s note: It was only 10 in the morning, but the Texas sun was already bearing its sweltering rays on those down below. There’s a ray here down here though; shining much brighter. She smiles a huge beam, bigger than those from above, her golden hair reflecting the sun; a giant plastic cup of melted ice cream in those delicate hands. Who would have believed those manitas could weld a hammer with more skill and grace than most men? That’s the impression I’ll always have of Nina Berenato as she greeted me.

From humble beginnings as a metal smith’s apprentice in Brooklyn, and stars such as Lena Dunham, Cindy Crawford and Lady Gaga bedecked in her creations, jewelry designer Nina Berenato has finally found home in the Lone Star State.

Nina Berenato smiles in her beloved airstream. (Photo, Amanda Lozano)

Nina has an endearing girl-next door charm about her; a sweet face, full of laughter. Yet she’s so humble, you would have never guessed her creations have graced the pages of Vogue Magazine. She’s that girl who loves Greek mythology, face-to-face conversations; harbors a fascination for old buildings, ornate doors, takes long walks: A unique and quirky vision that reverberates in every piece of jewelry she designs. Her signature geometric jewels include chokers, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cuffs.

Nina’s story

Originally born in St. Louis, Nina wanted to get into apparel and fashion. Chasing her dream, she left to New York, the fashion mecca of the world, and got her start doing store displays. Through the job she met a…

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