FarApp Joins NetSuite and Oracle at SuiteConnect 2017

FarApp, an industry leader in eCommerce automation solutions for NetSuite, will be joining NetSuite and Oracle for SuiteConnect 2017, taking place October 3-4 in San Francisco. FarApp has prided itself in delivering pre-built, yet highly customizable, integrations between NetSuite and online marketplaces, carts and 3PLs, such Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce since 2002. As a NetSuite partner since 2004 and a sponsor of recent SuiteWorld events, FarApp is excited to be joining NetSuite and Oracle in San Francisco for festivities that are part of the first Oracle OpenWorld conference since the Oracle-NetSuite acquisition last year.

“We are excited to celebrate our first year at the SuiteConnect and OpenWorld conference,” said Steve Greiner, President of FarApp. “We have been committed to providing NetSuite clients with high-quality, customizable solutions that fully automate the interaction between NetSuite and their marketplaces and carts for over a decade. We invite our customers to this wonderful event to learn, discuss and network.”

Attendees at NetSuite’s SuiteConnect 2017 will have the opportunity to learn about FarApp, which is built using the NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform. Online businesses today need to manage multiple electronic channels for product sales and distribution and often struggle to keep product and transaction data synchronized between multiple systems. The cost of unsynced data can be high, with overselling or unshipped orders leading to lost dollars and damaged reputations. FarApp steps in to solve these problems by allowing customers to set up data-mapping configurations for all their channels, and then automating the transfer of product and transaction data between all systems in order to keep master data centralized. The benefits of using FarApp include:

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