Far-right, anti-fascist groups clash across Canada over asylum seekers – Politics

Anti-immigrant groups rallied along the Canadian side of the U.S. border and in Ottawa on Saturday, with counter-protesters also making their presence known, as concerns heighten over the issue of irregular border crossings by asylum seekers.

On Parliament Hill Saturday, protesters aligned with a group called the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens (CCCC) assembled to stand against policies of the federal Liberal government they claim have allowed illegal immigration to flourish. Amid cries of “Fascist scum go away,” a lone member of the group was involved in a skirmish with members of the anti-facist — or antifa — movement, before being led away by parliamentary police.

Georges Hallak, the founder of the CCCC and himself an immigrant from Lebanon, was at the Ottawa protest. He told CBC News he is concerned Muslims will impose Shariah — the Islamic religious guidelines that govern everything from personal hygiene and charity to pilgrimages and burials — on Canada.  

Hallak, a self-described Christian patriot, said he is steadfastly opposed to M-103, a non-binding, Liberal-sponsored motion that passed the House of Commons in the spring, which condemned Islamophobia. Hallak fears its passage will limit free speech and criticism of Islam.

He also said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has failed to secure the Canada-U.S. border while allowing mayors to declare cities sanctuaries, which he said shield undocumented migrants from law enforcement.

“I respect immigration 100 per cent, as long as the people coming to this country do not have criminal records, do not pose a threat to normal Canadians, that they come here with the intent to follow the laws of Canada without trying to modify [it] for their needs — we’re talking about Shariah law,…

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