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The 2017-18 Wild Outdoor Adventures programs at the Ashland County Wildlife Conservation League got off to a real “slow” start with a turtle trapping class taught by Joe Parr and Andy McClure local Turtle experts.

Participants converged around the sweetgum tree planted several years ago by the Ashland County West Holmes Career Centers conservation class under the teachings of Tom Kruse.

There were several different types of traps set up for everyone to see. Parr and McClure talked about the different ways to trap turtles from jug lines with hooks (not recommended) to wire and nylon traps. They gave specifications, rules and regulations for each. They noted that it is very important to have a name tag on the trap as part of the regulations. They also talked about the different types of turtles that they had caught this year, including a rare map turtle. They shared numerous stories of their trapping adventures. One particular day they caught over 360 pounds of keepable turtles.

The participants then flew over to the gazebo on the peninsula to learn about fly fishing. Patrick Rowley from the Middleburg Heights Fin Feather Fur fishing department came to share his knowledge and passion for this sport. Rowley worked for an outfitter in Oregon guiding fly fisherman for several years. He has fly fished all over the country. Patrick teaches fly-fishing classes at the local library there in Middleburg Heights. He shared stories of his recent four-day adventure of hiking and fly fishing the Allegheny National Forest in New York. He will be teaching at the upcoming Steelhead Expo at the Rocky River Nature Center on Sept. 30. Contact them at 440-734-6660 rockyrivernc@clevelandmetroparks.com for more information about this fly fishing event.

The class began with the proper technique to achieve the best placement of the fly. As the participants practiced, he talked about the different types of line and what they are used for. He explained…

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