Falcon Northwest’s Tiki is the sleek sports car of VR PCs

Falcon Northwest is a small company, but small can mean focus and care when it comes to device makers. Falcon’s business is PCs, and specifically Windows machines capable of delivering terrific gaming power in a package that won’t take up an entire closet in your house. The Tiki is a compact gaming tower that uses top quality materials inside and out, and if you’re looking to jump on the VR bandwagon now that Mark Zuckerberg is dead set on making our actual world pretty much mirror Ready Player One, it’s definitely worth a look.


The Tiki’s best feature, or at least its distinguishing feature vs. other gaming PCs you might choose to get, is arguably its design. The all-metal case and marble stone base are unique among gaming PC cases – and the whole thing is about half as wide as your typical large, plastic, gaudy gaming rig case, and probably about only three-quarters as tall. Its compact shape is complemented by a reassuring weight, however, and a feeling of solidity that again, you won’t find most other places in the crowded world of gaming PCs and components.

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  2. falcon-northwest-tiki-147A0885

    The Tiki’s internal glow highlights its true power.

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  4. falcon-northwest-tiki-147A0888

  5. falcon-northwest-tiki-147A0894

  6. falcon-northwest-tiki-147A0895

  7. falcon-northwest-tiki-147A0896

  8. falcon-northwest-tiki-147A0897

  9. falcon-northwest-tiki-147A0898

  10. falcon-northwest-tiki-147A0901

  11. falcon-northwest-tiki-147A0903

  12. falcon-northwest-tiki-147A0905

Falcon Northwest also offers custom paint jobs – they had just done one up in TC colors, hence the green with white racing stripes you see above. These are done using high-quality automotive paints, and though they add around $400 to your build cost, they’re an impressive addition if you’re looking for your Tiki to make even more of a visual statement. The stock black finish is impressive, too, however, and could work better for helping the PC fade into the background if you’re creating a minimalist setup for your VR holodeck.

The Tiki has nice cutouts to show off the lighting effects on your…

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