Face the Nation transcript April 23, 2017: Rubio, Kelly, Sanders, Kasich

JOHN DICKERSON, CBS HOST: Today on FACE THE NATION: As the first milestone approaches for President Trump, he ups the workload for a returning Congress, health care, tax reform, and avoiding a government shutdown.

The sprint to the end of the 100 days began on a high note, with traditional White House pomp and pageantry, plus a basket full of promises.



QUESTION: All the legislative action that you’re planning next week, how are you going to accomplish all of that?

TRUMP: It is going to be great. It will happen.

QUESTION: You going to do health care and taxes?

TRUMP: It will happen. We will see what happens. No particular rush.


DICKERSON: But there is a rush to get Congress to agree on funding to keep the government running past Mr. Trump’s 99th day.

Florida Republican Marco Rubio will join us, along with the person new polls say is the most popular politician in America. He’s trying to help the Democratic Party find itself.

Republican John Kasich has a new book out, “Two Paths: America Divided or United.” He will tell us about it.

And we will hear from Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

As always, we will have plenty of political analysis.

It’s all ahead on FACE THE NATION.

Good morning, and welcome to FACE THE NATION. I’m John Dickerson.

We will get to this week’s news in a moment, but, first, we want to tell you about next week’s broadcast. Saturday marks the official 100th day of the Trump administration. And we will be spending that day with the president. We will interview him at the White House and then travel with him to a rally in Pennsylvania. The first part of our interview will air on FACE THE NATION next Sunday and the rest on “CBS This Morning” on Monday May 1. That broadcast will originate live from the White House. Along with our interview, Charlie Rose, Gayle King, and Norah O’Donnell will be talking with top administration officials about the first 100 days and looking ahead to the next 100.

But, first, Congress is going to need to agree on how to fund the government for the rest of the year, or it will run out of money on day 99.

We begin this morning with Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who joins us from Miami.

Good morning, Senator.

I want to start with that government shutdown. The fight from the White House perspective is over funding for the border wall. Is that an issue worth fighting over right now, if a government shutdown is a possible — is a possibility?

SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R), FLORIDA: Well, first, understand, we’re just trying to finish out the current cycle, the current budget year.

And so I think that’s a fight worth having and a conversation and a debate worth having for 2018. And if we can do some of that now, that would be great. But we cannot shut down the government right now. We have a potential crisis brewing with North Korea. We have seen what’s going on, the ongoing crisis in Syria.


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