Exploring Live Action Role Playing

Delving into the next level revolution of real life adventure gaming

Folks, I admit it wasn’t my idea. But no matter how crazy an idea is if dropped at my feet like a gauntlet, I have this philosophy: bite it and run around like an attention starved Pitbull! So I did, and what I found are parallel worlds just on the periphery of our own mundane reality. 

Worlds of amazing costumes, magical items, legendary weapons and mystical characters. Where gaming and art are mashed together in a strange mélange of theatrical performance and stat progression that falls under a nifty four letter word: LARP or live action roleplaying.

Sure the image of larping has been branded as the ultimate taboo in geek culture that seems to lay at the base of Nerdom’s uncanny valley somewhere between what is cool and eyebrow raising disdain. But from the years I’ve scoffed and shrugged at LARP, I admit that I have been very hasty in my assumptions and downright wrong in my judgments. 

Most of us have played games so epic that we dreamed of crawling inside them and become one with their fictional worlds and interesting characters. But the concept of LARP is nothing new. Chances are you’ve played games as a child pretending to be a transformer or comic book hero in the back yard or playground. 

The players in a LARP essentially recapture that enchanting time of childhood and kick it up a notch with some adult level structure and refinement. Many of the games that exist today trace their evolution from the 1980s coincidentally when an entire generation become enthralled with taking their D&D games outside and why not?

A LARP tends to fit into three styles of play structure. First is the demonstrative or boffer LARP. These are the basic slap-your-friends-silly with foam weapons offering some rudimentary character progression and storylines but mostly it’s about whacking people with PVC wrapped in ludicrous amounts of duct tape. 


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