Experts: Nude Mona Lisa is a real da Vinci

Art experts have found tantalizing clues that suggest 500-year-old rumors Leonardo da Vinci painted a nude version of the Mona Lisa are true. A charcoal drawing of a nude Mona Lisa that has been sitting in a museum north of Paris for 150 years is now believed to be the work of the master himself, not one of his students as earlier thought, the BBC reports.

The Conde Museum sent the portrait, which is known as the “Joconde nue” and can be seen here, to the Louvre for testing and discovered that it was older than thought, dating from da Vinci’s lifetime, and was likely created in his workshop.

Researchers believe the sketch may have been da Vinci’s preparation for painting a nude version of his masterpiece. According to accounts from the time, da…

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