Exclusive Music Premiere: “Itch” – Powerful No Wave Music From BIG BAND

BIG BAND releases “Itch” today. And it’s lit! The song is from BIG BAND’s forthcoming album Options, slated to drop soon. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, BIG BAND is made up of Chris D’Alessandro on vocals and guitar; Pele Uriel on bass, synth and guitar; and Joseph Bellantuono on synth, guitar and bass.

Stylistically, BIG BAND blends futuristic punk and no wave elements into harsh, uncompromising atonalities replete with cyclical, punchy rhythms and thick, gooey musical textures. Essentially, BIG BAND’s sound is avant-rock infused with proto-punk flavors.

“Itch” starts off with heavily pulsing guitars and synths emanating a harsh industrial flavor. The melody, riding the relentlessly thrumming guitars, delivers proto-punk and sonically savage mechanized alt rock elements, giving the music a non-commutative macro-geometric texture, along with a deracinating built-up glare of energy. Streaming synth accents arc across the background like luminous fireworks, giving the tune depth, layering and café electrique colors.

D’Alessandro’s voice radiates ferociously goosed up magnetic fields of angst, anger and a mutant commie Mafioso essence that’s stunningly and deliciously actinic in its intensity and penetration, like a moaning scream caught in multiple gravitational fields. It’s a powerfully evocative voice, oozing great waves of passion.

The lyrics of “Itch” mirror a remarkable adaptation of small talk, full of rhodomontade and piffle, and a philosophical discussion, almost a diatribe, about the consuming mediocrity and evanescent mundanity of life.

“You’re a nice person, Spit in the eye /Hey don’t you wanna live? / In a world where you can breathe? / How are ya? / Here’s a question, Why leave a mark? / Always watching, it’ll count you mile by mile / And there is, no end, anymore, ever constant, changing, it will endure / As it was it will be in the end / And as it was it…

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