Everything you want to know about marijuana tourism in Colorado: Features Article by 10Best.com

Green: it’s also the color of money. For the first fiscal year that recreational weed was legal in Colorado, the state collected $70 million in taxes from it – but only $42 million from alcohol sales. — Photo courtesy of My 420 Tours

Sometime in the ‘90s, my father, who has always enjoyed his time in the garden, was gifted a book on growing sensimilla. So, he did. On the deck of our suburban, New York townhouse in full view of the neighbors.

This isn’t as much an outing as it is to point out that my visit to Kush Gardens, a quaint, little dispensary off I-70 in De Beque, Colo., was not my first visit to the reefer madness rodeo. So I didn’t expect to be quite so bedazzled.  Oh, but I was.

“This is the Chemmy Jones,” the budtender said, hoisting a staggeringly large container – the sort my friend’s mom used to store entire boxes of Cheerios in the pantry – up to the countertop. “It’s a sativa-dominant strain,” he added, opening the lid.

The smell – ammonia and grapefruit and grass, sweet Jesus – hit me like a folding chair at a WWE smackdown. My pupils dilated and for the first time, I really saw where I was.

A store. Where I could buy weed.

Per Leafly.com, Chemmy Jones, “manages to induce a functional, high-energy buzz that allows you to stay productive.” I’ll be sure to mention this in my next cover letter. — Photo courtesy of A.D. Thompson

There were glass cases completely lined with the plastic containers. Each of those filled with flower. That’s the newish term for the sort of weed you actually smoke but, as Kush Gardens’ manager, Justin Voyles, will attest, there are many, many – many – ways to partake.

“People are surprised at the number of edibles,” he says. “And, of course, the other ways in which the cannabis is used – topicals, ointments, capsules. But most people, especially those here in a tourist capacity, are looking for edibles.”

And the roster of munchies that might give you more munchies is…

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