eTags Reaches 100,000 Independent Customer Reviews

eTags Reviews

We use the feedback to update the website, the benefits offered with service, and our approaches to customer support.

The eTags Team is celebrating another major milestone. Just a year since they hit their last reviews breakthrough, they have amassed 100,000 customer reviews. Since launching in December 2014, the company has been active in viewing and responding to reviews on independent websites from across the web.

Having served hundreds of thousands of customers in Florida, California, and Maryland, eTags has become a leader in the online transactional space for DMV related services like vehicle registration renewals. The company adds convenience by offering streamlined online platforms and dedicated customer support among other things. Their most recent launch of an auto insurance comparison service has also proved popular and is growing rapidly.

eTags’ Customer Experience Director, Claudia Salinas, has often talked about the importance of asking customers for their reviews of the service. “We get plenty of feedback by phone and email, but viewing the additional feedback from online reviews where customers are more willing to be candid has been extremely helpful.” She goes on to say “We can’t control what people say but we can control how we use that feedback such as to improve the website, the benefits offered with service, and our approaches to customer support.” One such recent update that was a result of customer feedback was the ability to resubmit previously canceled orders without having to reenter all of the information over again. Instead, returning customers can simply visit the status page, review the already saved information, and reenter only the payment information to…

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