Enterprise Social Networking, Helping In The Core Functions Of A Company

Every enterprise has four major functions that take place every day within the organization. Enterprise social networking plays an important role in helping with all these functions. What are the four major functions that exist and how does social networking for enterprises help in these functions?


The first function is of operations or production. This encompasses the methods and procedures that are used for the creation or production of the of the products or services of the organizations. For instance, in a factory, this is the stage where floor supervisors, machine operators etc, are found. In, a law firm, this stage complies of the clerks and the lawyers. Social networking in this stage can help the staffs to collaborate effectively among themselves. Thus, the productive operations of the organization can be carried out in an effective manner. Proper collaboration through such networking also allows the professionals of the research and development team to update those in the production department about their ideas and opinions. Thus, the resultant product is sure to be of a much better quality than that produced when departments work in isolation from each other.


The second function of the is that of accounting or finance department. The core function of this part of an organization is to deal with the monetary matters and transactions of the company. In such big organizations, there are money transactions taking place each day, and huge amounts are accumulated. In such circumstances, keeping track of all the money becomes an important function and a department in itself. Social networking will help them to keep track of all the transactions taking place in various departments with ease.


The third one includes the administrative functions. This department deals with the administration and human resource management of the organization. Networking will help to create the required link between various departments for effective communication.

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