Engineers: We Develop Countries

India is still a developing country were 25% of  Indians are very poor,  12% of our children are identified as child labours, major portion of population have not their own shelter but still the dream of getting a developed nation tag has been handed over to the safe hands of engineers. The dream of being developed is possible only if the rate of development is accurate and efficient which can’t be achieved unless the Indian engineers are not utilized to the maximum of their potential. The role of engineers in a developing India can be briefly summarized as.

Engineers in Agriculture sector: Indian agriculture sector counts for 18% of Indian GDP, which means agriculture is the basics of Indian civilization and economy. Agriculture industry plays an important role in Indian development as it provides employment and livelIhood to the major section of Indian population. The engineers are so effective and serious in agriculture field that nowadays well equipped agriculture engineers are providing solution to many problems on ground. The availability of modern techniques and innovative methods has boosted the Indian agriculture industry and has directly enhanced the developing pace of India.

 But it needs lot of modernization and mechanization to achieve that we dream as for quantity and quality of agriculture products is concerned. The construction of better irrigation projects, introduction of innovative machinery, tools and modern technology by engineers in agriculture sector is need of hour to enhance the developing rate of India   (e.g. Introduction of high density apple plantation in J&K agriculture sector is a well come step).


Role of Engineers in construction and infrastructure Development:

India being a developing country, its development largely depends upon infra-structure development. The unavoidable population blast and massive urbanization has direct impact on the environment and such on pace of development. The Engineers are again important…

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