Elizabeth Parry, PhD shares ‘An Extraordinary Journey’

Elizabeth Parry, PhD was once a little Welsh girl who had a dream to become a special school teacher. This dream took her on a spiritual and uncertain global journey that tested her faith in God. In “An Extraordinary Journey: Thy Will, Not Mine” (published by Balboa Press AU), she shares her story.

From her birth in 1936 in the small Welsh town of Blaenafon to nearly 50 years in the education field, the book narrates Parry’s life journey. She tells how she witnessed the healing power of love and compassion, resulting in miracles on several occasions in different countries; how she met eminent medical surgeon and past governor of Zhejiang Province Professor Li Yu in the Zhejiang Children’s Hospital in Hangzhou, China; her creation of the Family Rehabilitation Programme for Children with Cerebral Palsy; and travels to many parts of the world.

“The book will appeal to readers of all ages in their lives, their work and their relationships. The stories offer guidance and assistance to teachers working with children with special needs, their parents and people in the community,” Parry says. “An added positive feature is it makes no difference where readers live because children with special needs and their parents experience the same problems wherever they live in the world.”

“I pray that readers will relate the stories to their own lives. Parents with children with special needs may be strengthened and encouraged to understand more of the difficulties in having children with special needs and lastly teachers may be inspired to further study in special education in order to successfully make a difference in the world,” Parry adds.

“An Extraordinary Journey: Thy Will, Not Mine”

By Elizabeth Parry, PhD

Softcover | 6 x 9in |…

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