DrugDev Joins Boston’s Technology Trendsetters to Host MassTLC’s NewCo Festival in Boston

Melissa Easy, DrugDev Founder and President, SiteStart

It’s exciting to have this opportunity to work with MassTLC and NewCo, and have Liss Easy – the person who started DrugDev and changed the pharma industry – tell our story.

DrugDev will join Boston’s most exciting technology-driven companies as a host of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council’s NewCo festival on April 5. NewCo invites participants to the offices of inspiring organizations where founders and thought leaders share their knowledge from the inside.

DrugDev – operating at the intersection of innovative healthcare and cutting-edge technology – will be represented by company founder and President of SiteStart Melissa “Liss” Easy, who has earned an international reputation for revolutionizing the way pharma and biotech organizations run clinical trials.

NewCo celebrates business on a mission, connecting people to the stories shaping business, politics, and culture as society shifts toward purpose-driven business. NewCo festivals have welcomed over 30,000 attendees to the offices of 1,500 organizations. The model is simple: Pick your city, get your ticket, choose the companies you want to explore, and visit their offices to learn how founders and executive leadership drive transformation in their industries.

Date: April 5, 8:30-9:30am

Location: DrugDev, 25 Thomson Street, Suite 500, Boston

Directions: Click here

Tickets: Click here

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