Drs. Bruce Trimble and Michelle Parker Invite New Patients for Custom and Complete Smile Makeovers in Eau Claire, WI

Drs. Bruce Trimble and Michelle Parker are currently accepting new patients for custom smile makeovers without requiring a referral. Trimble Dental offers a variety of services to meet each patient’s unique needs including orthodontics, gum disease treatment, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. Whether patients have discolored, crooked or missing teeth in Eau Claire, WI, Drs. Trimble and Parker identify the latest effective ways to achieve aesthetic and functional goals and reach proper oral health.

Crooked or missing teeth in Eau Claire can take a toll on a person’s oral health. Crowded teeth can make dental hygiene challenging and prevent proper cleaning to occur. Bacteria can build up, attacking the gums and roots and eventually leading to gum disease. If left untreated, periodontal disease can cause gum recession and even tooth loss. Whether caused by gum disease or trauma, patients who do not replace their missing teeth may experience jaw bone degradation as the tooth root no longer stimulates healthy bone growth.

Addressing these potential health issues and solving others such as malocclusion and jaw pain, Drs. Trimble and Parker take pride in offering the latest full mouth reconstruction or smile makeover services at Trimble Dental. Dental implants can restore oral function and complete a smile while also providing the stimulation needed to maintain proper jaw bone density. Traditional orthodontics and leading FASTBRACES® treatment can not only improve smile aesthetics but correct malocclusion and make hygiene routines more effective.

In addition to these services, Drs. Trimble and Parker understand that many patients experience dental fear or anxiety and frequently avoid regular dental treatments. As a result, Dr. Trimble is one of…

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