Driftwood Artisan Studio opens in Beaufort


Ask artists where they find inspiration, and they’ll probably tell you that it comes in the strangest places. For local hair stylist Janine Facciola, design inspiration for her new gallery space in Beaufort came at a baseball game.

While visiting Nationals Park stadium, home of the Washington Nationals, Ms. Facciola was impressed to see that the adjacent mixed-use area of souvenir shops, restaurants and bars shared one unusual element: They were built from salvaged shipping containers.

Years later, when trying to find an inexpensive way to develop an artisans’ studio space, that memory was still strong in her mind. After she found a half-size container and the perfect place to park it, Driftwood Artisan Studio was born.

Although the studio was pulled together using her own resources and imagination, it functions more as an artists’ cooperative than a typical gallery.

In the classic retail scenario, store owners keep about 50 percent of an item’s selling…

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