Dr. Joseph Bedich Welcomes Patients from Youngstown, OH for Dental Crowns Using CEREC Same-Day Technology

Dr. Joseph Bedich Offers Same-Day Dental Crowns to Patients in Youngstown, OH

Respected dentist, Dr. Joseph Bedich of The Center for Progressive Dentistry, offers leading-edge CEREC® dental crowns that are faster, more lifelike, and more convenient than traditional dental crown models. Patients in need of a dental crown in Youngstown, OH are encouraged to see Dr. Bedich who is now accepting new patients with or without a referral at his Cortland practice. Dr. Bedich applies advanced CEREC technology and peripheral equipment to produce exceptional quality dental crowns in as little as an hour.

CEREC treatment creates comfortable, safe, and precise dental crowns for patients of all ages. Unlike traditional crowns that can take up to three weeks to complete, CEREC technology rapidly produces permanent crown replacements that are tooth-colored, long lasting, and resilient to everyday wear.

At the heart of the CEREC process are digitization and 3D capabilities. Dr. Bedich ensures dental crowns are an ideal fit and made in the same-day while patients wait. After thoroughly cleaning the tooth area – and removing any old crown if necessary, Dr. Bedich carefully prepares the surface by brushing the tooth with a special powder. Using non-invasive tools, he can then generate a picture-perfect 3D model of the tooth surface, which is sent to the CEREC machine.

Once inputted into the CEREC system and software, the CEREC® milling machine creates a lifelike restoration made from strong, reliable ceramic through a unique process. The process happens quickly, and the final product – an attractive, appropriately sized and shaped crown – is ready to immediately bond with the tooth after Dr. Bedich inspects it to ensure a complete seal and…

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