Dr. Jin Kim Raises Awareness of Gum Disease Symptoms in Anaheim, CA; Welcomes New Patients for Laser Dentistry

Renowned Periodontist, Dr. Jin Kim, Raises Awareness of Common Gum Disease Symptoms in Anaheim, CA

People who need treatment for gum disease in Anaheim, CA, can now protect their health by visiting Dr. Jin Kim, who is currently accepting new patients for this procedure with or without referrals. At his two office locations in Diamond Bar and Garden Grove, CA, Dr. Kim offers multiple procedures, including laser dentistry, to treat periodontal disease safely and effectively. Besides making these treatments more widely available, Dr. Kim is safeguarding his patients’ health by helping them understand the often-overlooked warning signs and health risks of gum disease.

Research shows that gum disease can cause both local and systemic health problems. This disease, which is characterized by inflammation and recession of the gums, can break down the tissues that anchor the teeth, resulting in tooth mobility or tooth loss. The bacteria responsible for gum disease can also cause inflammation throughout the body by entering the bloodstream. Studies have linked gum disease to a greater risk of illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and pancreatic cancer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that almost half of American adults live with gum disease. Consequently, Dr. Kim is working to raise awareness of early symptoms and make treatment more easily accessible to victims of gum disease in Anaheim, CA.

As a respected periodontist who keeps current with new developments in his field, Dr. Kim offers multiple treatments for gum disease, including minimally invasive laser dentistry. With the FDA-cleared LANAP® protocol, Dr. Kim can use a dental laser to remove bacteria and diseased gum tissue precisely while preserving healthy gum…

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