Dr. Jig Patel, Schaumburg, IL Dentist, Offers Custom Dental Crowns in Just One Day

Dr. Jig Patel Welcomes New Patients for Same-Day Dental Crowns in Schaumburg, IL

Dr. Jig Patel is now accepting new patients with or without referrals to his practice, Schaumburg Dental Studio, for same-day dental crown restorations. Dr. Patel utilizes cutting-edge CEREC® technology to produce custom-crafted crowns, bridges and dental implant restorations entirely in-house. This approach allows patients to receive functional permanent restorations during a single visit to a dentist in Schaumburg, IL.

With CEREC technology, Dr. Patel can ensure that receiving dental crowns or other restorations is a convenient process for his patients. This system eliminates the need for patients to wear temporary restorations while their final restorations are being produced. Instead, Dr. Patel is able to take dental impressions, mill each crown and attach it to the patient’s teeth during the same appointment. CEREC technology also allows Dr. Patel to use a digital scanner, rather than molds, to make dental impressions. This makes the process more quick, accurate and comfortable.

In addition to convenience, the efficient nature of CEREC dental crown restoration offers health benefits for patients. Producing and placing these restorations during a single office visit gives Dr. Patel the opportunity to check the fit of the crown and make any needed adjustments before the patient leaves the office. This eliminates the risk of problems, such as discomfort and tooth grinding, that can result from errors in the milling or final placement of a restoration. In addition, CEREC technology minimizes delays for people who need to visit a dentist in Schaumburg, IL, to receive a crown after a traumatic injury, such as the fracturing or breaking of a tooth.


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