Dr. Jamie Cameron Invites New Patients for Revolutionary FASTBRACES® in Carnegie, OK

Skilled Dentist, Dr. Jamie Cameron, Welcomes New Patients for FASTBRACES Orthodontics in Carnegie, OK

Patients interested in receiving quick and effective orthodontics can now receive FASTBRACES® in Carnegie, OK, from Dr. Jamie Cameron, with or without a referral. The FASTBRACES system is valued for its ability to straighten teeth efficiently, compared to traditional orthodontic treatment. Depending on each patient’s case, treatment with the FASTBRACES system could be completed in 120 days or less.

For some, crooked teeth and unhealthy bites are a genetic trait, while others develop these conditions due to other issues including crowding in the mouth. In many cases, patients, including teens and adults, find orthodontic treatment undesirable as a result of the time commitment involved. Traditional braces take anywhere between one to two years, with more complicated cases taking even longer.

Applying the latest orthodontics technology and over 30 years of research and development, Dr. Cameron offers patients a more efficient solution, FASTBRACES. Appearing similar to traditional braces, the brackets used in FASTBRACES treatment are actually shaped like a triangle to easily move the root of each tooth at the beginning of treatment, as opposed to the end. Doing so also minimizes “rebound,” which refers to the tendency of a tooth to return to its pretreatment location once the corrective braces have been removed.

Used throughout the country as well as by qualified dental clinicians internationally, FASTBRACES affords Dr. Cameron the opportunity to help patients in Oklahoma achieve a functional, healthy and attractive smile in less time and with a smaller budget. Correcting cross bites, over bites, open bites, crowding and spacing…

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