Dr. Franziska Huettner, NYC Plastic Surgeon, Now Offering Vectra 3D Imaging

Patients love having choices and this is what Vectra provides them with – the ability to be absolutely involved with the decision making process.

Dr. Franziska Huettner, NYC Plastic Surgeon, of Plastic Surgery Group of NYC (https://www.plasticsurgerygroupnyc.com) is proud to announce that her Manhattan, New York plastic surgery practice is now offering Vectra 3D Imaging. Vectra 3D imaging is a state-of-the art digital medical imaging device that allows plastic surgery patients to view three-dimensional images of how their face or body will likely look post-surgery (e.g. varying sizes of breast implants, breast reduction, breast lift, Mommy Makeover, tummy tuck, face lift, or even injectable treatments and facial fillers).

Dr. Huettner employs Vectra 3D imaging to show her patients a simulation of the expected surgical outcome. During the consultation with the plastic surgeon the patients are able to view the likely post surgical results from different angles on her computer. At the end of the plastic surgery consultation the patient can be handed a printout of before-and-after photos that the patient can bring home with them and use the print outs to thoughtfully review how they will look post operatively.

“My patients love Vectra because it helps them have an understanding of how they will look after the plastic surgery procedure. In particular, my breast augmentation patients are especially thrilled with Vectra because the system allows simulating and visualizing for them the placement of different shape and sizes of implants in their own body image and the printout assist them after the consultation with revisiting and finalizing their decision with selecting the size and shape of breast implant best for them, while being in the comfort of their…

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