Dr. David Vasily, Aesthetica Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center Named to Prestigious Network by Aesthetics Biomedical

The innovators at Aesthetics Biomedical, a leading aesthetics device development and innovation corporation announce that Dr. David Vasily, Aesthetica Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center, has been named to the company’s KOIN: Knowledge Opinion Innovation Network. Dr. Vasily is well-respected dermatologist in the cosmetic and laser surgery field with a very successful practice in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Dr. Vasily has been using Aesthetics Biomedical’s leading product, The Vivace microneedling with radio frequency with great results. Aesthetics Biomedical launched the best in class device, The Vivace, in early 2016.

The goal of KOIN is to bring together the most trusted dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aesthetics practitioners to provide input to the company’s new product and experience offerings, to participate in clinical studies and to educate other physicians on best practices with Aesthetics Biomedical’s devices and experience products.

“Our position as a leader in innovation relies on the valuable feedback and expertise of the physicians with whom we work who can share with us their experiences with patients on a daily basis. We are thrilled to have Dr. Vasily as part of our KOIN. Dr. Vasily is a great advocate for what we do, extremely knowledgeable in RF microneedling technologies, and has seen great success with our FDA-cleared device and our medical-grade experience kits that include treatment serums and recovery agents. We have carefully selected our team of influencers to be part of KOIN, and we are honored to have several highly respected physicians as partners for the future,” says MaryAnn Guerra, CEO of Aesthetics Biomedical.

Dr. David B. Vasily, M.D., FAAD, was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and received a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree, with honors from Moravian…

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