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Editor’s note: This is a third and last in a series of columns about Job.

We can learn so much from the book of Job.

I’ll quickly recap the Biblical account.

Found in the Old Testament, Job is the story of a man who endures terrible suffering, but comes to see God in a whole new way and later becomes doubly blessed.

When we first meet Job, he’s a rich man with thousands of head of livestock and lots of servants. He has seven sons and three daughters.

One day Satan comes before the Lord, who touts Job’s integrity.

No one else on earth is as upright and blameless.

“You think he does this for no reason?” Satan fires back. “You’ve put a hedge of protection around him and everything he has. You take that away and he’ll curse you to your face.”

So the Lord tells Satan that he can do what he wants with what Job has — but the devil isn’t allowed to hurt him.

Human enemies steal much of Job’s livestock. And what they don’t steal is burned up by fire from heaven. Most of Job’s servants die, too, with only a few left to break the bad news.

Then the worst news comes when Job learns all his children have been killed after a big wind hit the house they were in and the roof collapsed.

Despite such terrible things, Job remains faithful to God — something the Lord points out to Satan. The devil then contends a man will do anything to save his own life. Satan is allowed to afflict, but not kill Job — who breaks out in terrible sores from head to foot.

Through all his suffering, however, Job neither curses nor sins against God.

Later, Job’s friends try to comfort him, but only add to his misery. They just can’t figure out how such terrible things could have happened to this good man. They assume he must have some hidden sin and urge repentance.

Yet Job can’t…

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