Don’t limit forums to elections

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on September 29, 2017.

Civic election forums are great! In Lethbridge, at least, they offer a real “finger on the pulse” of citizens’ views.

Do Lethbridge people want a more effective, more affordable transit system? Yes, judging by participants’ questions and council candidates’ answers at one of this week’s forums.

Are we in favour of a new performing arts centre? A convention centre at Exhibition Park? Yes again.

Are we really concerned about taxes? Apparently not – just one of 29 councillor candidates named that as the top issue. Nor was it the focus of many participants’ questions.

Not even the need for another bridge stirred great debate. The city is planning to build one when traffic volume requires it, citizens were reminded – and when we can afford it,

A number of other issues were also raised: the need for an emergency evacuation plan; the amount of water wasted by errant park and boulevard sprinklers; the racist appearance of police “carding” people who are walking down the street.

More help for poor families and homeless people was another issue raised. So was urban sprawl, the need for a ward system on city council and the ongoing value of downtown revitalization.

On another current issue, most voiced support for the curbside recycling plan recently approved by council. But some want the city’s private recycling companies to play a role.

And the list goes on. In a city this size, there will be many opportunities to pursue, many decisions to make.

We don’t want city council or our civic administration to make all those decisions. These election forums, with vocal participation by a cross-section of Lethbridge residents, provide a snapshot of public opinion today. Candidates elected on Oct. 16 should take note.

Unfortunately, at least from this perspective there are four years between elections. Human nature being what it is, all we may hear for the next four…

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