Donald Trump’s golf score is ‘patently unbelievable’, says top sport magazine

A top golf magazine says that claims that Donald Trump shot a 73 in a recent round of golf are “patently unbelievable.”

Senator Lindsey Graham said the President shot 73 during a recent round at a Trump owned golf course, and doubled down on that statement in an interview with Golf Magazine. That magazine, however, says that such a score from the President is improbable at best, even though Mr Trump is known to be a pretty decent golfer.

“The senator’s claimed score for Trump is patently unbelievable to many golfers. A score of 84 would seem plausible. Trump is a good golfer,” the magazine reads. “But a 73, from a 71-year-old who plays often for a president but infrequently for a low-handicap golfer? Unlikely, to say the least.”

The magazine compared the claim to another septuagenarian’s scoring as reference. Hale Irwin, a Hall of Fame golfer, has a scoring average of just over 73 in the seven Champions tour events he has participated in this year, the magazine noted. Irwin has an average drive of just under 250 yards — which is the average drive Mr Graham claimed for Mr Trump.

Mr Graham said that the two chatted about light issues like golf for the first nine holes, then switched to heavier issues including the Iran deal, immigration, and North Korea in the latter half of their play. It was just the two of them golfing, but the general manager of the golf course followed along and provided tips to Mr Graham on his play on occasion.

Mr Trump and his Twitter account haven’t commented on the game of golf. Mr Graham said that the President beat him pretty badly in the game, however.

“How bad did he beat me? I did better in the presidential race than today on the golf course! Great fun. Great host,” Mr Graham tweeted.

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