Does 16-year-old LaMelo Ball actually own the Lamborghini he drives in his shoe commercial? – Orange County Register

Not only does 16-year-old LaMelo Ball have his own signature pair of shoes (being sold for $395), he also owns a Lamborghini.

If you thought that Lamborghini that LaMelo Ball drives off in during his promotional video for his new signature shoe was a rental or his dad’s, it wasn’t.

According to a profile in SLAM Magazine, LaMelo was given the Lamborghini for his 16th birthday.

If you missed that portion of the SLAM promo video, here it is again.

And, he is not the only Ball brother driving sweet wheels.

After discovering the teen actually owns the luxury car he was joy riding in the video, many took to social media to comment. With many sharing what they were doing when 16, and most were not driving Lamborghini’s.

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