Doe Run Using More Sustainable, Safer Logging Equipment to Manage Missouri Forests

Spring marks several holidays, including Earth Day and Arbor Day, that recognize the importance of caring for natural resources. For The Doe Run Company (Doe Run), responsibly managing its forested property contributes to the long-term sustainability of the beautiful region. Recently, Doe Run began using a cut-to-length logging system, in partnership with Parker Logging LLC, that offers multiple benefits to the future of forestry in Missouri, including reduced waste, improved aesthetics and increased employee safety.

Doe Run oversees 35,000 acres of forest in southeast Missouri, and annually contributes approximately 3 million board feet of timber to manufacturing companies to build cabinets, flooring, railroad cross ties, pallet material and wine barrels.

“Many people see timber as a non-renewable resource because trees are removed in the process, but responsible forestry means harvesting some trees to give other growing trees room to thrive, and planting new trees to maintain the forest,” said Dave Patterson, Doe Run forester. “We manage timber as a renewable resource and are the first Missouri company to utilize this cut-to-length/forwarder system to improve how we manage our forests.”

Cut-to-length harvesting is a preferable alternative to traditional timber harvesting. With a cut-to-length system, trees are felled, delimbed and cut to the exact desired log length at the site of the stump. Taking these additional steps on-site reduces waste by eliminating the need to trim the logs further. Another benefit of the system is that trees are not dragged through the forest prior to the logs being cut. This minimizes disruption to the area around the cut tree, leaving the forest in a more natural state, and provides logs that are better prepared for the mill.

“In addition to safety and environmental benefits,…

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