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LOS ANGELES — Technically, the victories are still classified as walk-off, even if that’s not what they look like from the Dodgers’ perspective.

Dance-off, maybe. Frolic-off, perhaps. Cavort-off, certainly.

The latest episode came Wednesday when the giddiest team in baseball managed to manufacture victory from a game it early on appeared thoroughly determined to lose.

Two flubbed defensive plays permitted Minnesota to score five unearned runs as the hitters did little through six innings against Twins starter Ervin Santana, a reigning All-Star.

None of that ultimately mattered, though, because these are the Dodgers and this is 2017, and when the Dodgers play in 2017 the wonderful, mystifying and downright unthinkable tend to happen, the result usually being a Dodgers win.

Justin Turner beat Minnesota with a walk-off single, spilling his teammates onto the field for one of those scrambling, exaggerated celebrations that long has been a baseball ritual but now has become a Dodgers routine.

“This is a special team,” Manager Dave Roberts said Friday before the opener of a three-game series against San Francisco. “Special things are happening. But, again, where we’re at, we really haven’t accomplished anything yet.”

I’m not going to suggest there’s something magical, even mythical unfolding around here. Yet, it is worth noting that Turner does wear a majestic beard worthy of a thousand wizards.

Besides, why would I suggest anything as absurd as this team being led by some higher power when the evidence of such is so obvious by now everyone can see it?

Entering Friday, the Dodgers had 29 comeback victories and had won 14 times in their final at-bat, their eight walk-off wins the most in baseball.

This team doesn’t just bounce back; the Dodgers snap back, their resiliency comparable to a pair of Spanx. With these Dodgers, no deficit is safe.

“I believe there is something with the dynamic of the players, the talent, the mindset of the…

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