Do you suffer from the horrible tooth pain?

In a Chinese old saying, the tooth pain regarded as the miserable in life. If you are suffering the teeth pain, you are hardly to eat at all and the extreme tooth pain is horrible and has a bad affect on life. The tooth pain is not easy from the eating the sweet food, it due to the live habits and inherit. Getting the general knowledge of tooth pain and be far away from the damage of tooth pain.

Tooth pain, also called tooth ache, refers to pain in or around a tooth, teeth, or the jaw.  This pain can be mild, or very extreme, and is due to irritation of the nerves of the teeth. There are many causes of tooth pain, and several different treatments.  While tooth pain can be temporarily treated at home, to properly treat tooth pain, professional dental care is recommended.

Causes of Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be the result of several different types of damage to the tooth or surrounding tissues and nerves.  The most common cause of tooth pain is a cavity, or tooth decay which exposes or affects the tooth’s nerve.  Tooth pain can also be caused by gum disease, which a serious problem, as it can eventually lead to infections and/or tooth loss.  Tooth pain can also be caused by sensitivity of the roots, felt as an acute sensitivity to hot or cold substances.  Breaks, chips, or fractures of the teeth can also cause pain, since the damage may injure or expose the nerves.  Also, wisdom teeth pain is caused by erupted or impacted wisdom teeth putting pressure on adjacent teeth and nerves.  TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, can also cause tooth pain due to inflammation of the jaw. In addition to these oral causes of tooth pain, sinus or ear infections may also cause tooth pain as a side effect of the pressure and inflammation of the sinuses and ear canals.

Prevention of Tooth Pain

The only way to prevent tooth pain is to prevent the problems that cause it.  This means taking good care of your teeth, practicing careful daily oral hygiene – brushing…

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