Do You Prefer to Read eBooks?

There aroused a hot discussion about whether it is good for students to have class with iPad. Some people think that the reading of adults has gradually electronically, is it necessary for studens to hold paper books in order to concentrate on studying?


In fact, there is no denying that reading ebooks has gradually become prevalent among people. In my opinion, it is no wonder that reading ebooks becomes so popular, because reading ebooks has many advantages compared to reading pbooks. People have no trouble of carrying when reading ebooks. It would not cause the pollution when publishing the ebooks. What’s more, the prices of ebooks are nearly one twice or one third of pbooks, which could save much money for readers.


However, there was also a report showed that nearly 70% adults prefer to read pbooks rather than read ebooks who were iPad users, which showed that there is a lot to do for ebooks to replace the pbooks. It is difficult for people to quickly adopt the new way of reading. The sales of ebooks have surpassed the hardcovers. The cheap prices may make the greatest contribution.


Although many people would prefer to read pbooks, there are still many people take reading ebooks as a way for passing time. With the growing popularity of reading ebooks, there emerge many e-readers in the market.


This may be a trouble for most people who like reading ebooks that different e-readers support different formats. Thus, when people download the ebooks for their e-readers, they may feel limited.


Among all the formats of ebooks, the ePub is a relatively popular format of ebooks. EPUB is a relatively free and open format, that is to say, there are many reader software programs support the format in the market. Now a vast majority of e-readers like iPad, iPhone, Sony reader support ePub. Due to the popularity of ePub, more and more ebooks publishers would like to publish the ebooks in ePub format. In addition, the ePub can arrange the content…

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