Digiday Research: Is augmented reality a sleeper hit?

This is the second part of a research series on a set of emerging technologies in media and marketing. Click here to read our report on virtual reality.

“Up until very recently, I would have said that AR is even further behind than VR because it requires so much innovation at the level of imaging and recognition so things can be overlaid [on the physical world] realistically,” said Michael Lebowitz, CEO of Big Spaceship.

But suddenly, from Apple’s WWDC announcement of their ARKit for iOS developers to Google Lens’ computer vision applications, the stage is set for a boom in augmented reality. “That changes the game,” said Lebowitz.

Digiday Research surveyed 172 executives from media and marketing companies to uncover their approaches to AR — and the development of the market. Key findings:

  • Twenty-three percent of marketers have used AR for a client project.
  • Only 18 percent of publishers have used AR so far. Publishers’ lukewarm attitude toward the technology comes from a lack of utility.
  • Those on both sides of the media and marketing divide are employing AR for entertainment (39 percent) and as an information resource (36 percent) in almost equal parts.
  • Snapchat is viewed as having the most AR potential by 29 percent of media and marketing professionals.

“We’re not having to license the tools or engines, or create them from scratch anymore,” said Derek Fridman, global executive experience director at Huge. “Now, we’re pretty much on every single iOS device out there in the world, and when we move out of development, we’re already pre-installed on a ton of devices.”

Despite this forthcoming deluge, 23 percent of marketers and only 18 percent of publishers have used AR. Publishers’ lukewarm attitude toward the technology comes from a lack of utility.

“Can AR actually tell the story better than some other technology or solve a user need?” asked Marc Lavallee, executive director of The New York Times’ Story[X] innovation division….

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