DiaperBuds: Best Destination for Travelling Moms Looking for Diapers that Take Less Room in Baby Bags

Are you tired of carrying enormous baby diaper bags while travelling? Try DiaperBuds – the best invention since disposables!

DiaperBuds, founded by three sisters (all working moms), is a unique gift for moms who travel with baby. DiaperBuds uses a patented vacuum-pack technology that compacts diapers to be 70% smaller when packaged. They not only save space but they also keep baby diapers clean in transit. When you open these babies’ diapers, they bloom into full size disposable diapers with all the quality and performance of a premium baby diaper.

DiaperBuds are manufactured in an ISO certified “clean room” that ensures the hygiene and cleanliness of their baby products. DiaperBuds are also the recipient of the Parent Tested, Parent Approved seal of Approval.

DiaperBuds perfectly resist leaks; have a wide, soft-stretch waist, secure-grip stretch tabs, a cloth-like cover and an ultra-absorbent core. The buds are fragrance free and dermatologist tested for sensitive skin. They do not use any harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process and they take the utmost care in providing a supreme product for your baby.

Moms are pleasantly surprised to see the perfect fit, supreme performance and quality of DiaperBuds. DiaperBuds cost more than other diapers in the market today like Huggies diapers and Pampers diapers, but DiaperBuds customers think it’s worth it to pay a little more for the convenience.

DiaperBuds is perfect for travelling baby. You can easily pack three buds in the space taken by a single loose diaper. They were created to serve as a complement to the diapers you keep at home on your changing table. Think of a box of DiaperBuds as your travel pack. A large multipack of 24-30 buds costs $17.99 and lasts for several months.

The unique and recyclable diaper covers or packing materials used by DiaperBuds are impenetrable to dirt, dust, and liquid. So moms need not to worry about leaky bottles or snacks that spill ruining diapers in diaper bags or baby bags anymore.

DiaperBuds are so compact so they can be easily stored in a pocket, small purse, glove compartment, stroller bag, trunk, etc. You need not to carry bulky baby diaper bags to carry them. One of the most important travel tips for moms is to include DiaperBuds at the top of their travel list or packing list.

Because of the supreme quality and convenience provided by DiaperBuds, they are becoming increasingly popular among moms. DiaperBuds are available in many different sizes. Newborn baby diapers are not currently available. The four DiaperBuds sizes available are: Size 2 for babies 12-18 lbs/5-8 Kg, Size 3 for babies 16-28 lbs/7-13 Kg, Size 4 for babies 22-37 lbs/10-17 Kg, and Size 5 for babies over 27 lbs/12+Kg.

Moms can purchase DiaperBuds from the convenience of their home by visiting www.diaperbuds.com or leading online stores like amazon.com, diapers.com, buybuybaby.com, bedbathandbeyond.com, babiesrus.com or baby boutique websites like…

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