DH2i Adds Docker Support to App Portability Platform for Windows and Linux

DH2i is now leveraging Docker containers to make workloads on Windows and Linux hosts more portable.

Here are the details and why they’re significant.

Moving a workload from one host server to another can be difficult.

You have to ensure that the new environment is configured properly, that it is secure and more.

DH2i’s product is designed to solve that problem by encapsulating applications and databases inside a portable environment that can run on any server.

Adding Docker Support

This week, DH2i announced new support for workloads running inside Docker containers.

The functionality of DH2i’s traditional platform is still there.

The company continues to support applications and databases that run directly on bare-metal servers or virtual machines and need to be moved from one host to another.

With the addition of Docker support, however, DH2i customers can now run applications and databases inside containers as well and move them between host environments using the company’s platform.

Because DH2i doesn’t rely on hypervisors or virtual machines to move workloads, Docker containers still retain high performance and low overhead when used with the company’s solution.

Why Docker?

Don Boxley, Co-Founder and CEO at DH2i, said in an interview that the company added Docker support because its customers are increasingly likely to be running workloads inside Docker.

“Lots of people are using Docker, and it was easy for us to adopt into our model,” he said.

Asked whether DH2i sees itself as a competitor with Kubernetes or other container orchestration platforms, which…

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