DeZURIK SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve Controls Pressure Surges and Prevents Damaging Backflow

SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve

Designed for maximum performance and economy, the APCO SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve (CPC) is a single valve that combines the functionality of a full-featured electric motor operated pump control valve with the best features of APCO’s premium swing check valve. The SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve has been engineered to control pressure surges during normal pump startups and shutdowns, and to close positively upon power failure – without the need for expensive hydraulic power units, accumulators and maintenance intensive hydraulic controls.

Manufactured by industry leader DeZURIK, Inc., the SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve utilizes the premium APCO CVS-6000 swing check valve with a unique torque unit which can be operated with any brand of valve electric motor operator. The SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve is ideal for many applications including raw sewage, wastewater, raw water, clean water or any fluid pumped through a pipeline.

The SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve produces low head loss – lower than any valve in its class. The unique torque unit allows normal function, but will automatically close upon power failure, preventing backflow. Speed adjustments control fluid acceleration and deceleration, minimizing pressure surges.

The SmartCHECK Valve has an internally pressure balanced design that ensures reliable closure. During power outage or loss of pressure, the built-in check valve will quickly and reliably close to prevent damaging backflow without fear of sticking open. In the event a pipeline needs to be drained or backflushed, the optional hold-open feature of the SmartCHECK valve allows for reverse flow that can be initiated either electrically or manually.

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