Design Manage Deliver (DMD) Develops Seasonal Flu Promotion Kits to Fend Off Flu

Flu Season Awareness Kits range in cost from $699 to $1499, and can be ordered by going to

Just in time for Flu Season, Design Manage Deliver has developed a comprehensive, easy-to-use kit for hospitals and healthcare communities that encourages hand hygiene compliance – the most effective strategy for stopping the spread of germs that cause the flu.

Available in three sizes, the Flu Season Awareness Kits include an array of customizable digital and print signage, posters, and countertop cards, which are compliant, wipeable, and removable.

“Our goal is to make hygiene a habit with staff, patients, residents, and visitors,” said Natalie Rose-Miller, a 20-year veteran of Sodexo Healthcare and co-founder of DMD. “Infection prevention is heightened during flu season, so we developed an easy-to-use, cost-effective tool kit to raise even greater awareness and reduce flu infection through hand hygiene education.”

Flu Season Awareness Kits range in cost from $699 to $1499, and can be ordered by going to

“Only 40 percent of hospital staff, and a much smaller percentage of visitors, comply with recommended hand hygiene guidelines, which is even more troubling this time of year,” added Rose-Miller.

For additional information or to place an order, visit, call 717-422-0749, or email nrosemiller(at)

Design Manage Deliver’s portal is an easy-to-use, cost-effective communications tool for promoting infection prevention throughout your healthcare community. Through our technology-based platform, you can quickly access fresh, sustainable messaging that heightens awareness of hand hygiene and engages every audience:…

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