Dental Tourism Mexico, Insider Tips on Where to Start

Dentistry in Mexico

Dental Tourism to Mexico is a very popular decision for thousands of patients each year who not only are able to save up to 60% on their dental work but combined with a vacation can still be better off financially than just staying at home to do the work.

Below are some tips that we have put together to help anybody looking at the options of traveling for Dental work. Through our years of working and helping patients connect with the best dental specialists in Cancun & Riviera Maya, we came across very similar questions and preconceptions, so with just a couple of the most common themes we hope they can help you better prepare for your Dental Tourism Mexico Experience.

Reviews and positive feedback are a great resource for narrowing down a dental clinic you want to visit, but it is always prudent to take into account the type of treatments and procedures the reviews are based on – a great 5 star review from a patient who has received a cleaning is good but does that mean the clinic is able to complete a dental implant? A complicated root canal therapy or a full mouth rehabilitation?


Find a clinic that has marked understanding and history of providing the specific treatments you are in need of.


In the same category as reviews, testimonials are a useful tool at your disposal to see what real people’s experiences were at a given clinic.

Testimonials that are taken straight after a patient has received treatment are not the most reliable types. Imagine after various treatments and time in the chair they will be happy it is over, impressed with the look of new white crowns, and believe any discomfort or pain is normal straight after dental procedures.


Look for testimonials…

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