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Re: “What does the Democratic Party stand for?” [Opinion, July 25]: That’s way too simple to answer. Democrats stand for nothing.

A country song once said, “You’ve got stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” But in fairness, they are very proficient in obstructing and chaos.

— Mike Chamberlin, San Clemente

Work for working people

Growing up, my parents were Republican, so in my early adult years I called myself a Republican, mainly because of my parents’ influence. As I got older and started paying attention to policies and practices of both parties, I switched to voting for Democrats but call myself independent.

I think the Democratic Party stands for the working people and families helping with fair wages and benefits we all need. They also protect our environment by not letting big companies pollute without regulation.

All I see from the Republican Party is tax breaks for the rich (that don’t need it) including big companies. They represent big banks, taking donations from big oil people like the Koch brothers then voting in a man with no government experience but a catchy slogan (Make America Great Again) mired in unethical scandals and firing anyone who stands up to him or disagrees with him. It makes no sense to me.

The Democrats have to show the people that they stand for working families and the little guy — not big business and special interests that pollute our air, water and soil. The choice is clear to me but not everyone looks through the same pair of glasses.

— D.L. Marshall, Orange

The anti-party

Today’s Democrats stand for socialism, deception, corruption, fake news, open borders, lawlessness, government rights over individual rights, individual non-responsibility, the political class, garnering votes by any means, abortions, the breakdown of the family unit, rewriting American history, the indoctrination of our youth, anything anti-white, anti-religious, anti-First and Second Amendment; and of course…

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