Democrat Shri Thanedar Announces Comprehensive Strategies to Improve State’s Education System

Education is a fundamental right.

From a policy perspective, our state’s leaders have been blind to the fact that there are differences in how we educate groups of children across the state, and that practice must end.

Putting learning first, eliminating the state’s overreliance on standardized testing, treating educators with respect, and boosting the state’s investment in education are the centerpieces for Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Shri Thanedar’s comprehensive plan to improve Michigan’s schools.

“The key to our state’s continued growth is putting education first in terms of our funding priorities,” Thanedar said. “We must put control of the classroom back in the hands of professional educators. Lansing must play a supporting role in funding our education system, but it must do a far better job in listening and responding to communities, parents, and educators alike. Playing politics with our schools by special interests must end. Public education must be transformed into a service where citizens first value teaching, learning, and children.”

Thanedar believes education is a fundamental right and that belief is accompanied by important obligations. Some of Shri’s ideas for education include:

  • Boost Michigan’s investment in K-12 education, especially for districts with higher percentages of at-risk students, allocating resources by the way students learn, not just by where they are.
  • Cut state administered M-STEP testing, switching to a three times per year NWEA administered assessment system that measures growth, not achievement, which focuses teaching more on student learning and less on standardized test preparation.
  • Pay educators as professionals while treating them with…

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