Delaware virtual reality arcade provides look at the future

Considering he’s an owner over at Screams at the Beach in Georgetown, it’s not all that shocking to hear Brian Turner swoon over the tech inside the virtual reality horror game, Affected.

After all, there are experiences inside the game — a haunted mansion VR experience with an interactive flashlight and three distinctly different trails to an exit — that he couldn’t possibly recreate in Georgetown, like the scene where all the furniture on the ground flies up to the ceiling and then falls “on” the person playing the game. He’s seen people hit the floor in fear.

Turner this summer has quite literally entered a much different world with his new venture. His Beyond Entertainment Enterprises has partnered with Pete and Michelle Townsend of Sports at the Beach to bring the first dedicated virtual reality arcade, Escape Reality, to Delaware in Rehoboth Beach.

More than that, it appears to be the only dedicated virtual reality arcade on the mid-Atlantic coastline outside of New York. Turner, a Sussex County native, handles the operation of it, while the folks at Sports at the Beach handle the marketing, Turner said.

But the producer of many screams around Halloween isn’t out to scare anyone here in the new shop located at 27 Rehoboth Ave.

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