Deatrich Wise Conference Call Transcript 4/29

Q: What are your initial reactions to being drafted by the Patriots here today?
DW: It was exciting. Once I got that phone call it got real quiet, and then once my name went across the screen my family, my girlfriend, my friends around me just jumped for joy. It was a very joyful moment.

Q: Have you heard from your former teammate at Arkansas, Trey Flowers, yet?
DW: I have not.

Q: What was your relationship like with Trey Flowers while at Arkansas?
DW: It was a great relationship, an older brother-type relationship. He was a mentor to me throughout his last two years, my first two years. He taught me how to do certain things, taught me how to watch film, taught me how to play certain positions, and on top of all that just the mindset to play and the mindset you have to have to go into a game, go into a practice, go into life. I have a good relationship with Trey and looking forward to meeting up there and working with him.

Q: At Arkansas did you play primarily on the edge of the defensive line or did you move inside at any time?
DW: That’s what I did, move both. But I don’t know what the Patriots have in store for me and I’m open to any suggestions they have.

Q: What was your pre-draft contact like with the Patriots? Did you visit the organization here?
DW: Yes sir, I came up to a visit a while back. That was my first time in the Boston area, in the New England area and it was great.

Q: Did you have many other visits with other NFL teams?
DW: I had four visits total.

Q: How would you describe yourself as a player? What would you say your strengths are?
DW: My strength as a player is my versatility, my power and my football IQ. With those three things combined, [they] make me the player who I am today. Just the relentless mindset that I carry while having those three attributes [are] why [I am] who I am today.

Q: How has your father, who was drafted by Seattle back in 1988, been an influence in your life?
DW: He’s been the biggest influence in my life. He’s my best friend, my hero, my dad. He’s my physical, mental and spiritual partner. He helps me out with everything, whether it’s football, whether it’s not football. It’s everything. He always taught me along – he always taught me like how to conduct myself, taught me the ins and outs of football and he always shared his story of when he was drafted and his process through the league and it was an honor to have that and to share that with him today.

Q: What did he tell you about his career and have you had a chance to watch any old video of him playing?
DW: I saw one picture of him playing, didn’t see any videos. Most of the stuff that he told me was just have a positive mindset going into it and have an open mindset. Learn how to be coachable, because when you come into a new area don’t act like you know everything. Just learn how to embrace everything. Learn how to trust what the coaches are telling you, what the people around you are telling you and just be a…

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