Dealing with Alopecia Using a Natural Concealer

Usually baldness refers to hair loss on the scalp. In many people this is a cause of serious distress as hair plays a significant role in enhancing their personalities. Usually hair loss is a natural process and it can be genetic and it runs in families.

Human body is almost covered by hairs which are made of protein. Under the skin these are attached to distinct hair follicles. Hair follicle is a cell that contains the root of the hair and it supplies oxygen and other nutrients to the hair. Growth of hair is an incessant process until the hair follicle supplies the nutrients and these grow in phases. The thickness, curl, color and amount of hair depend on the genetic factors.

It is natural to lose some amount of hair each day but the loss of considerable amount of hair is a matter of concern. There are a number of factors that can possibly cause and accelerate the hair loss and they can be listed under two categories external and internal. Overexposure to the sun, bleaching, and in expert use of tint and other colorants and use of inappropriate shampoo and conditioner are the external causes. Illness, poor diet, too much hard work, insomnia, hypertension and hormonal factors are listed as the internal causes. Stress and hypertension have the profound effect in accelerating the hair fall.

Today, there are lots of hair products available in the market to reduce the hair loss but many of them may not help to the problem and there main ingredients are harmful chemicals which can inflict other serious dieses.

Natural treatment is the best hair fall solution and it doesn’t have side effects. It is very necessary to take the nutrients which are responsible for the growth of the hair and hair follicles. Iron, zinc and copper are the main minerals which control the growth of the hair. Deficiency of iron can cause brittle and limp hair. So, consuming the food with good iron content is good for hair. Deficiency of copper and zinc can also cause hair loss and early…

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