CustomerGauge is Changing the Way We Talk About the Net Promoter System®, One eBook at a Time

Definitive Guide to Monetized Net Promoter®

Our mission is to turn the Net Promoter industry on its head and give companies access to information on this game-changing new NPS model.

Since the publication of their groundbreaking white paper by author Jorgen Bo Christensen, CustomerGauge, a best-in-class Net Promoter System platform, has been hard at work expanding on their extensive library of thought leadership resources to educate the market on the Monetized Net Promoter methodology.

Over the last two months, the technology company has released new eBooks as part of the “Definitive Guide to Monetized Net Promoter® series”. This series dives deep into the industry research collected by CustomerGauge—used to develop their Monetized Net Promoter model—to support the needs of modern organizations. 

So far this year, three eBooks have been released to great fanfare:

An overview of the teachings from their white paper, the first eBook in the series offers an in-depth walkthrough of the Monetized Net     Promoter approach, including: measuring customer feedback, acting quickly to close the loop, and monetizing and growing existing customer relationships.

“I’d call this essential for any Net Promoter expert. It provides a great look at where the industry stands in terms of best practices and identifying areas for monetization,” says Digital Content Manager, Sarah Frazier.

How often should companies survey their customers? How can they avoid gaming their Net Promoter System? What’s the best media to use when capturing Voice of Customer? This eBook answers these questions and more with a comprehensive look at best practices for measuring and monetizing customer feedback in a Net Promoter program.

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