Couple met, got engaged, and married at Fresno coffee shop

The first time Joe Drilling and Anna Moradian met, family camped across the street craning for a view to make sure Drilling wasn’t an ax murderer. Far from it, their meeting at Mia Cuppa Cafe – now The Revue, and Mia Studio and Gallery – was the beginning of a sweet romance that led to love and marriage.

The Fresno couple were wed at the coffee shop in Fresno’s Tower District during an intimate ceremony Saturday that ended with the playing of “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles as the couple kissed.

Their romance began last spring, when each signed up for a free trial of the dating site Meet Mindful, which led Drilling to send Moradian a message on Facebook after she liked his photo. They started talking and decided to meet at Mia Cuppa on April 10, 2016. The cafe is a favorite gathering place for Moradian and the date went fabulously – the two happily chatting for hours.

It played a role in our comfort level … It kind of reflected our eclectic ways.

Anna Moradian of Mia Cuppa Cafe

“We were both just very relaxed and very comfortable with each other,” Drilling says. “There was none of that awkwardness that sometimes can linger throughout the first date.”

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