Couple gets married in hospital five hours after bride gives birth

Couple gets married in hospital 5 hours after bride gives birth

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) — A couple’s wedding day and the birth of their first child is often looked at as two major life events.

One northern Michigan couple managed to do both in less than 12 hours.

Jael Reinhold and John Pulcipher, a couple from Williamsburg, Michigan, were scheduled to be married on Saturday in Charlevoix.

Jael was seven and a half months pregnant, so the couple wanted to be married before their daughter was born.

On Tuesday, life threw a curve ball and Jael’s water broke.

By Saturday morning Jael was in labor on the day of her wedding, six weeks before the baby was due.

“This has honestly been the best day of my life,” said the groom, John Pulcipher. “When you take the birth of your first child and also your wedding day, you know those are honestly the two best things in my opinion that a human could ask for. It’s just an absolutely amazing day.”

Their daughter, Briar Dorothy Pulcipher was born on July 29th at 12:42 p.m. at four-pounds and five-ounces.

Since the baby was born on the day of their wedding, the couple’s lake Charlevoix ceremony was cancelled.

But John was determined to make the wedding happen, considering dozens of their friends and family from across the country came in for their wedding.

“I told her if you can’t come to the wedding then I’m going to bring the wedding to you,” said John. “So that’s what we did here, but it took everybody. This isn’t anything that I could do by myself.”

Munson Medical Center, where the baby was born, stepped in to help organize the last minute wedding.

In less than a day, Munson Medical Center staff and employees had a wedding ready for the new parents.

“Munson thrives itself on putting the patient in the center of the things that we do here,” said Munson Medical Center’s coordinator of patient relations, Tim Lueck. “So, if we can pull these off and if…

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