County’s largest union blasted for how it treats its own workers

As the region’s largest public employee union prepares to strike, Service Employees International Union Local 221 is itself coming under attack for the way it treats its own employees.

“It is the literal definition of hypocrisy to allow poor treatment of our members while demanding better for your members,” Communications Workers of America, Local 9509 wrote in letter to SEIU’s board.

CWA represents rank-and-file workers at SEIU 221’s headquarters, and its Aug. 18 letter details a series of concerns its members have with SEIU, ranging from a shortage of office supplies to managers who have short workdays.

The problems at SEIU are so pervasive that it has harmed negotiations for a new contract for county employees, the letter said.

Both unions said that they have met since the letter was receive and are working to address its contents, but SEIU did not comment on its substance.

“We’re pleased to continue the discussion,” said David Lagstein, SEUI’s political director.

The letter warned that inadequacies among that union’s leaders are so pervasive they have harmed negotiations for a new contract for county employees. It warned that some of the members the union represents will likely try to cut their ties with SEIU.

One bargaining unit that represents dispatchers in the Sheriff’s Department alerted the county on Monday that they are trying to leave SEIU and wish to be represented by the Association of San Diego County Employees instead. The dispatchers said they said they “get little or no attention and services” from SEIU and believe they will fit better within another organization.

Lagstein said employees represented by SEIU are frustrated because of a pay hike the county supervisors approved for themselves earlier this year.

“Many county workers are upset because the Board of Supervisors voted themselves a 12.5 percent raise and their workforce is among the lowest p[aid in the…

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