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A tragic flaw of endemic corruption permeates the fifty-seven (57) Muslim-majority countries. In all these countries located in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, Muslims view themselves as spiritual communities devoted to One God, eager to go to Hajj, fast in the month of Ramadhan, say daily prayers, deliver and consume Friday sermons on lessons of the Qur’an, and heart-inspiring stories of the Prophet’s Sunnah. But most of these communities are currently the most corrupt in the human species.

Regrettably, omnipresent corruption has corroded Muslim communities and cultures across the world. Ingesting bribery, laundering money, selling fraudulent goods, gaining advantage through nepotism, breaching trust, stealing public property, and engaging in similar corrupt behaviors are common among government officials, businesses, political parties, clergy, and even among the ordinary folks living in Muslim countries. In moments of truth, Muslims would themselves admit that the true Islam is being practiced in Sweden and Denmark, presently the most honest and upright countries in the world.

Out of 176 countries ranked for corruption, the bottom ten (10) is Muslim-majority countries, including Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. One could argue that these war-torn countries have been broken apart through invasion, occupation, and deliberate destruction of their communal integrity. The blame for corruption could be shifted to the United States, the prime aggressor in tearing up Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan. Surely, war can devastate the moral fabric of societies as the people face death, mutilation, starvation, disease, and depression. Survival by any means necessary breeds immoral behaviors, including corruption.

However, the foreign-imposed wars do not explain the endemic corruption prevailing in other Muslim countries. For example, the ten countries with the largest Muslim populations are relatively peaceful, though some of them face…

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