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The movement for local has gone international, and two of its ambassadors are among the speakers at this year’s Community Solutions conference, the nonprofit’s 64th.

Author and filmmaker Helena Norberg-Hodge and economist Michael Shuman will share ways communities can become more self-reliant and invest in themselves while connecting to a global grassroots movement for localization, they said in interviews this week.

Across the planet, communities are challenging the power of corporate globalization and offering an alternative vision based upon new ideas as much as old wisdom, Norberg-Hodge said. That vision — and this year’s conference theme — is the “economics of happiness,” which is also the title of a 2011 film by Norberg-Hodge.

Rather than an economy dominated by “a few interlinked global monopolies” that enrich a few at the expense of billions of people and nature, an economics of happiness, by contrast, “connects us to who we are,” Norberg-Hodge said.

“It’s the economy that helps us build long-lasting relationships to each other and the land on which we live,” she said. “And we are seeing that all around the world, it’s something people long for.”

The two-day conference kicks off at 8:30 a.m. Friday, Oct. 20, with a series of pre-conference workshops that are free and open to the public, continues with an afternoon panel and workshops and ends the day with a keynote talk by Norberg-Hodge at 7:30 p.m. Friday evening. There are talks, panels and breakout sessions all day on Saturday, Oct. 21, with a concluding with a keynote at 7 p.m. by Charles Eisenstein, author of “Sacred Economics” and “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.” Registration fees run from $50 to $250 with scholarships available and most sessions will be at Antioch University Midwest, 900 Dayton St.

Offering hope

Helena Norberg-Hodge (Submitted photo by Nolan Verheij-Full)

The conference is the latest effort by Community Solutions,…

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