Combustible, timeless ‘12 Angry Men’ sets Laguna afire – Orange County Register

Great writing can endure across decades and centuries, reminding us of the profundity of the human condition.

Reginald Rose’s “Twelve Angry Men” is a perfect case in point: A dozen men sit in a room discussing the pros and cons of the murder case they saw unfold in court over three days.

The play uses a single set, no special or technical effects, and no bells and whistles – just the pure drama of 12 citizens struggling to do what each believes is the right thing.

Rose’s 1954 teleplay was inspired by his own stint as a juror in Lower Manhattan’s Foley Square courthouse earlier that year. He adapted it for the 1957 film, co-producing with star Henry Fonda, later rewriting it for the stage multiple times.

Despite his long career spanning theater, film and television, the prolific Rose’s reputation rests with this one great work.

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